Ski New England - Ski Resorts, Ski Areas, Ski Conditions, and Ski Vacations in New England

Northeast Skiing, Hiking, Lodging, Outdoor Gear

Ski New England - Ski Resorts, Ski Areas, Ski Conditions, and Ski Vacations in New England

Northeast Skiing, Hiking, Lodging, Outdoor Gear

Northeast Skiing Ski Resorts Ski Areas Ski Conditions and Lodging in New England

 Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Ski New England - Ski Resorts, Ski Areas, Ski Conditions, and Ski Vacations in New England

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Bauer Reels RX Spool Bauer Reels RX Spool

Adding an extra spool to your Bauer RX makes you a much more versatile angler. You'll have an alternative line ready to go at a moment's notice, so you can customize your rig to the situation. You'll enjoy the same strong, carbon fiber drag that provides more stopping power than its weight would...

Price: $239.95

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Bauer Reels SST Spool Bauer Reels SST Spool

An extra spool is imperative to giving yourself options on the water, and the SST Spool lets you use your Bauer SST Reel with a couple of line options ready to go. This reel features a strikingly smooth, machined construction and an extremely strong, carbon fiber drag system for its weight. A...

Price: $169.95

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Echo Bravo Spool Echo Bravo Spool

Keep a second line rigged up to your spare Echo Bravo Spool just in case you need to adapt to unexpected circumstances or a particularly feisty tarpon snaps your first line.

Price: $69.95

More Info

Echo Ion Spool Echo Ion Spool

Whether you like to keep an extra spool of sink-tip for streamers or full-sinking line for still waters, this spare spool will let you adapt your Echo Ion Fly Reel to better handle the current fishing conditions. Made with a durable alloy and treated with a impact-resistant finish, this spool...

Price: $34.95

More Info

Hardy Duchess Spool Hardy Duchess Spool

Your Hardy Duchess Fly Reel has a way of getting jealous when you fish another reel, so keep an extra spool lined up and ready to fish so you don't have to leave your favorite reel sitting in its case when you switch from your go-to four weight to your six weight streamer stick. Like the Duchess,...

Price: $159.00

More Info

Hardy Fortuna XDS - Spool Hardy Fortuna XDS - Spool

The Hardy Fortuna XDS Spool is the addition your setup needs so you can easily change your line while on the water. This spool has the same lightweight construction and stopping power, with a drag pressure of up to thirty pounds for fighting with big, stubborn fish. The carbon fiber disc drag...

Price: $348.95

More Info

Hardy Marquis LWT Spool Hardy Marquis LWT Spool

The Marquis LWT Spool is the extra you'll want on hand anytime you're fishing with your Hardy reel of the same name. The quick-change spool easily switches from left- to right-handed operation, or can be traded with a other spools for simple switches between floating and sinking line. It's...

Price: $128.95

More Info

Hardy Ultralite CA DD Spool Hardy Ultralite CA DD Spool

It's always a good idea to keep have an extra spool ready to go just in case you need to get your line down deep, or snap your line on a big Northern Pike, and the Hardy Ultralite CA DD Fly Reel Spool is the spool you need to give your Hardy Ultralite CA DD reel a few extra line options.

Price: $149.00

More Info

Hardy Ultralite MA DD Spool Hardy Ultralite MA DD Spool

We don't blame you for liking your Hardy Ultralite MA DD Fly Reel so much that you want to switch it between different rods in your quiver, and this spare spool will make switching the reel between for 5wt and 3wt or 8wt and 6wt a whole lot easier. Its Captive spool release system and rugged...

Price: $149.00

More Info

Hardy Ultralite MTX Spool Hardy Ultralite MTX Spool

The Hardy Ultralite MTX Spool is the hybrid counterpart to the reel of the same name. This line is among the first constructed with a combination of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy. This spool has a carbon fiber disc drag system that has a color-coded, 340-degree regulator, so you can control the...

Price: $198.95

More Info


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